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I just wanted to take a moment to thank David and Eric for organizing a very productive FAD. Sure the audio didn't work out as well as we might have liked, I screwed up on trying to record it, and we got started late, but boy did we get a lot done.

We identified a whole pile of things we would like to see better, but then were able to focus that discussion down to a manageable number of things that we actually might do. Viewed from my narrow release notes perspective, this was a really big win. There is work to be done to be sure, but we have some clear direction and we know what the big hitters are. There were lots of things that went well, too. Sometimes we forget those, but it is good to recognize them so we can leverage them next time.

Paul then walked us through the whole business of po and pot files, and what the translators have to deal with. Most of this was old new to me, having been baptized by fire in F11, but it was good to see the knowledge getting spread around, and I think it is especially helpful to understand what impact our actions have on L10n.

Then Ian Weller did a little packaging class, and we rolled up our sleeves and packaged a bunch of Zikula modules. There is still more to do, but we made a terrific amount of progress in a very short time.

We tracked the meeting in Gobby, and that document will be posted to the wiki shortly so those that couldn't join in can at least see the major thoughts. Sorry about the recording, but then a six or so hour audio wouldn't be that much fun to listen too, anyway.

Thanks to those who worked hard to make this happen, and to all the folks who were able to join in, add to the discussions, and do the work. It was a day well spent.


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