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Shared open-source style guide

Hi guys,

An idea was floated at WOSCON [1] to create a shared open-source style
guide for documentation writers [2]. This would be a "vanilla" style
guide, which projects could modify and extend if necessary. Advantages

      * No need for projects to write their own style guide from scratch
      * Reasonable uniformity in style and terminology across projects
      * Independence from external style guides, which may cost money to
      * Projects which don't have a style guide get one for free

We have people from GNOME, Ubuntu, Xfce and Drupal discussing this right
now, and we'd love for other projects to let us know if they are
interested in the concept, and to give us their feedback if they are.

PLEASE get in touch via the WOS website [1] rather than replying
directly to this message, since this is getting crossposted to a lot of
doc lists.



[1] - http://writingopensource.com
[2] - http://writingopensource.com/node/14

Phil Bull

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