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IRC Log FDSCo Meeting 11th April 2006

(21:06:24) quaid: <meeting>
(21:08:11) quaid:
(21:08:13) quaid: for reference
(21:08:35) quaid: maybe we can have a FUDCon et al Q &A at the end to be
sure gavin gets a chance to hear in
(21:08:40) quaid: megacoder has an away sign, too
(21:09:04) elliss_athome: Do we have a quorum, then ?
(21:09:26) stickster: tcf_home: Are you available?
(21:09:57) stickster: (we have 3 of the 5 active FDSCo here...)
(21:10:15) stickster: Besides, ghenry counts
(21:10:19) stickster: that's 4 :-)
(21:10:37) elliss_athome: That'll do, then :)
(21:11:14) quaid: aye
(21:11:28) quaid: irc is great because you can walk away and still be
(21:11:45) ignacio [n=ivazquez fedora/ignacio] entered the room.
(21:11:48) quaid: so, we need to hear if megacoder has had any luck with
the DocsRawhide
(21:11:56) stickster: I talked to him earlier... not yet
(21:12:02) quaid: ok
(21:12:06) stickster: He is still working on getting access straightened
out with nman64 
(21:12:15) quaid: or elliot?
(21:12:21) stickster: Maybe both
(21:12:25) stickster: (or either)
(21:12:26) quaid: ok
(21:12:30) stickster: But it's in process
(21:12:36) quaid: cool
(21:12:57) nman64: Actually, he's got the access now.
(21:13:15) quaid: so about packaging, it was way cool to see the About
Fedora in FC5
(21:13:52) stickster: I think mclasen did that... I love pushing it 'cos
I transcribed the text
(21:14:16) stickster: I submitted the XML and either he or rstrode, or
someone on the Desktop team, fixed the menu part that I couldn't get
(21:15:19) quaid: cool
(21:15:31) stickster: I still don't know how they did it :-|
(21:15:34) quaid: :(
(21:15:43) ***stickster hasn't quite got the hang of fd.o menuing
(21:16:05) quaid: stickster: do you think it's time for you to pull in
an assistant for docs packaging?
(21:16:13) stickster: Actually, I have it working again
(21:16:16) quaid: that is, do you want to start to hand off any of that
(21:16:17) stickster: I am finishing the commits right now
(21:16:18) quaid: :D
(21:16:29) quaid: I want to make sure you plate is re-balanced
(21:16:39) quaid: "you plate, you plate!"
(21:17:06) stickster: When you fix these things, you find that you make
a *whole lotta* changes that you need to go back and revisit one by one
to see what you changed, why, and whether it should be checked in
separately for sanity
(21:19:03) stickster: You should see commits flying to the list over the
next few minutes :-)
(21:19:20) quaid: cool
(21:19:40) quaid: ok, about wiki2xml ...
(21:20:15) quaid: patrick and I tweaked the xmlbeats script enough to do
more by itself
(21:20:24) quaid: with a little more smarts built into it, we can almost
make it automated.
(21:20:28) quaid: the only catches are the admonitions
(21:20:41) ***ghenry covered in sick :-( Ben didn't like his bottle. May
be a while longer.
(21:20:49) quaid: po' Ben
(21:21:39) quaid: anyway, I think we need to convene a group outside of
this one and see where to progress
(21:22:06) stickster: We should probably be thinking ahead to Plone as
well, which will be the CMS uebersite at some point
(21:22:06) quaid: if mspevack or someone comes up with developer
resources, we can code a good solution and maybe present the world with
a sane Wiki front-end to DocBook
(21:22:20) stickster: Maybe there's a plugin for this... dunno
(21:22:23) quaid: right, but I assume it handles build/rendered docs
(21:22:28) quaid: ok, worth checking
(21:22:50) elliss_athome: There's Silva, but I don't think it does
DocBook as such
(21:22:59) quaid: Bob-Laptop: can you take charge of wrangling a meeting
with you, me, nman64, and anyone else to see where to go next?
(21:24:48) stickster: or EvilBob, BobJensen :-)
(21:25:03) ***stickster envisions multiple klaxon bells going off at
Bob's place
(21:25:37) quaid: ok, we can finish with that item in that I want to
take the work out of this meeting, and bob is leading as the EiC
(21:26:18) quaid: anything else on that one?
(21:28:24) quaid: ok
(21:28:30) quaid: on to the trans process
(21:28:45) quaid: Sopwith: ping
(21:29:00) quaid: we need to talk about moving trans CVS from elvis ->
(21:29:19) quaid: I think Fedora Trans is going to have to rely upon
Fedora Infrastructure to make that happen
(21:29:21) quaid: there are two parts;l
(21:29:22) quaid: :
(21:29:25) Sopwith: quaid: What's up
(21:29:27) quaid: 1. CVS itself
(21:29:33) quaid: Sopwith: fedora trans cvs :)
(21:29:35) quaid: and
(21:29:43) quaid: 2. the cgi-bin webapp at i18n.redhat.com
(21:29:53) quaid: for scheduling/locking strings for trans
(21:30:17) quaid: Sopwith: I don't know if Fedora Trans has contacted
you about this?
(21:30:20) Sopwith: The webapp has been the sticking point. If you will
persuade the right people to open that code up, I think I have a
volunteer who'd like to work on it.
(21:30:28) Sopwith: I've gone in a few circles with bgroh about it.
(21:30:54) Sopwith: The webapp also takes care of maintaining the
account DB, and that needs to be migrated to the Fedora Account System.
(21:31:21) Sopwith: It's just a ball of wax that hasn't been screaming
for my attention, so I've gotten away with ignoring it for a while. It
needs someone (else) who will push it forward.
(21:31:59) quaid: ok
(21:32:09) ***quaid sends email on the subject
(21:32:56) Sopwith: Getting pgampe and other right people to OK opening
it up seems like the most immediate task. bgroh wanted me to write up a
long proposal about it, but I got kind of put off by the idea of having
to propose open-sourcing our software.
(21:33:10) quaid: no doubt
(21:33:30) quaid: Sopwith: would you say that without open sourcing it,
there is 0% chance of it migrating?
(21:33:35) ***stickster tilts head like RCA dog
(21:33:55) quaid: or 0% chance of Fedora Infrastructure helping?
(21:34:05) Sopwith: 0% chance of Fedora Infrastructure helping...
(21:34:27) quaid: cool
(21:34:32) quaid: well, wait
(21:34:42) quaid: would FI have a piece of non-FOSS code on cvs.fedora?
(21:34:49) Sopwith: (Not 0%, just that without open source, I'm the only
one that can really do much, and frankly it's low on my personal TODO
(21:35:11) Sopwith: Well, practically speaking it's not even worth
arguing about the license on this small piece of software
(21:35:23) Sopwith: So putting it on cvs.fedora would effectively open
source it
(21:35:28) quaid: ok
(21:35:50) Sopwith: But from a political perspective, I get the feeling
we need to get someone to make the decision.
(21:35:59) quaid: I'll start with mhideo
(21:36:32) Sopwith: coo
(21:36:33) Sopwith: l
(21:37:29) quaid: ok, I'll send that in a few minutes, I'll Cc: you for
input if asked
(21:37:31) quaid: thanks
(21:37:42) quaid: ok, about FOP et al
(21:38:22) quaid: I've been in contact with the GNU Classpath maintainer
and he is interested in starting a testing project with them, and I'm
going to launch it as part of devnation.redhat.com 
(21:38:52) quaid: the classpath people are always steps ahead of the
packagers, and need to get some collaboration with packagers so stuff
works more smoothly.
(21:39:27) quaid: so, we'll use this collaborative space to help us
collaborate with FDP, Fedora Extras, and GNU Classpath folks, and start
with FOP first.
(21:39:30) quaid: does that make sense?
(21:39:56) elliss_athome: Yes.
(21:40:13) quaid: yay!
(21:40:18) ***quaid made sense today
(21:40:25) elliss_athome: I presume that you can give CollabNet access
to whoever needs it
(21:40:32) [splinux] [n=splinux fedora/splinux] entered the room.
(21:40:33) quaid: yep
(21:40:43) [splinux]: re
(21:40:48) quaid: yo
(21:41:03) elliss_athome: Do we have to worry about CLA etc. for
non-Fedora folks? 
(21:41:14) quaid: I'm working on that for devnation.r.c, yes
(21:41:24) quaid: we'll have something in place that works
(21:41:44) quaid: interestingly, the click-through CLA sounds OK as of
the lawyer I talked with this morning, so I hope to make it easier.
(21:41:57) [splinux]: re quaid, fedoraplanet is now avalaible in a lot
of languages
(21:42:17) quaid: I'll make more noise about FOP when we are closer to
being ready
(21:42:26) quaid: [splinux]: pretty cool, eh?
(21:43:14) ***quaid cheers because that oversized hackergotchi was fixed
(21:43:21) quaid: ok, and .. Doc Guide
(21:43:22) [splinux]: quaid, ...a new step for fedora
(21:43:24) quaid: *ouch*
(21:43:44) ***quaid hopes to publish eitch's Fedora Guide in original
pt_BR as well
(21:43:52) quaid: [splinux]: yes, first of many
(21:44:24) elliss_athome: Fedora Guide?
(21:44:27) quaid: stickster: I get the feeling that the "just do it
ourselves" approach might hurt this time
(21:44:33) stickster: quaid: Me too
(21:45:08) stickster: I thought I had sent you an outline of possible
organization... had you given that any thought?
(21:45:09) quaid: elliss_athome: I've only see it in pt_BR, naturally it
needs an editor, etc., but it's a generic introduction to Fedora iirc
(21:45:24) quaid: stickster: probably did, back then
(21:45:25) ***quaid looks
(21:46:02) quaid: right
(21:46:14) quaid: stickster: I think the only thing I'd add is Wiki
under Tools
(21:46:23) stickster: OK
(21:46:26) ghenry: Made it
(21:46:34) ghenry: that was gross. Nuff said.
(21:46:39) stickster: ghenry: :-D
(21:47:09) stickster: quaid: I am going to do this then:
(21:47:14) stickster: 1. Float outline by list
(21:47:43) stickster: 2. When outline is hammered out, branch
(21:47:54) stickster: 3. Get rid of old stuff in HEAD
(21:47:57) stickster: 4. Check in skeleton
(21:48:06) stickster: 5. Open wiki for drafting
(21:48:19) stickster: As the wiki gets completed we can check stuff into
CVS and *remove* it from the wiki
(21:48:24) quaid: making stub/skeleton pages?
(21:48:27) quaid: ah, ok
(21:48:47) stickster: We could also mark the pages in some fashion
directing people to cvs.fedora.redhat.com if need be
(21:49:01) stickster: s/mark the/mark the completed/
(21:49:22) stickster: Then everyone can pitch in, methinks
(21:49:31) stickster: How does that sound?
(21:50:32) elliss_athome: Q: Are you basically starting from clean ?
(21:50:40) stickster: Yup
(21:50:45) elliss_athome: OK.
(21:50:55) stickster: The old one is so out of date it didn't make a lot
of sense to try and hammer it into the new shape
(21:51:20) elliss_athome: Don't need to worry about importing text to
Wiki then :)
(21:51:36) stickster: disco
(21:54:07) quaid: brb, restarting xchat
(21:54:10) quaid left the room (quit: "G.T.F.O.O.D.").
(21:54:47) quaid [n=quaid fedora/quaid] entered the room.
(21:56:09) quaid: back
(21:56:24) quaid: stickster: ok, that's a good plan
(21:56:40) stickster: Oh god, you got back just in time! When you
disappeared, everyone started EATING BRANES!!!
(21:57:05) stickster: I had to kill seven of Bob's extra aliases with a
stake to the head
(21:57:21) quaid: *whew*
(21:57:38) quaid: now we can talk about last week, if anyone in FDSCo or
the channel has questions of me or stickster 
(21:58:23) elliss_athome: Is there a movie/transcript of your talk?
(21:58:40) elliss_athome: Been offline for a few days
(21:58:42) stickster: Thankfully, no
(21:58:42) Sopwith left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(21:58:44) stickster: :-D
(21:59:05) quaid: yep, they ran off to see Jeremy do his FC6 Dance
(21:59:06) elliss_athome: All evidence destroyed :) ?
(21:59:09) quaid: which I want to see :)
(21:59:22) quaid: yeah, our talk was small, but I'm thinking in general.
(21:59:24) stickster: We had an interesting talk about marketing for
about 25 minutes in the middle, though, that I hope the principals will
bring to f-marketing-l
(21:59:30) quaid: I mean, about the foundation news, new board, etc.
(21:59:34) quaid: yep
(22:00:53) stickster: I think next FUDCon, we should hand out free
condoms at our talk
(22:01:05) stickster: Maybe we can get them logo'd :_D
(22:02:39) quaid: "Here's your little blue hat."
(22:02:45) stickster: HA!!!
(22:02:50) quaid: *wink wing*
(22:03:31) EvilBob: Hi Guys
(22:03:36) EvilBob: Just walked in
(22:03:43) ***stickster will wait till after meeting for the rest of
this OT
(22:03:46) EvilBob: I see all my machiens flashing
(22:03:48) quaid: EvilBob: I'll recap at why we said you rname
(22:04:11) quaid: EvilBob: just asked if you could convene a meeting
with you, me, Patrick, others about the wiki2xml or whatever for the
(22:04:28) quaid: we might want to ask the Board for resources to code
up a better world from Moin Moin
(22:04:29) BobJensen: Ok When should we target that?
(22:04:39) quaid: sooner we start ...
(22:04:54) quaid: I put up the end of this month as a time to have a
plan by
(22:05:37) BobJensen: OK Let me craft and email and get it sent out,
Bob, Karsten. Patrick, Elliot, Tommy, Paul .... anyone else?
(22:05:51) quaid: that's probably enough
(22:06:04) quaid: we can even have it as part of our FDSCo meeting next
(22:06:15) quaid: since we know most/all of us are available at that
(22:06:32) BobJensen: OK I will get that out here shortly, what is the
status for the R-N Errata?
(22:06:59) BobJensen: Or is that on hold for right now?
(22:07:04) quaid: no, just slowed on me
(22:07:11) quaid: I committed about 40% of it, just a few more hours to
(22:07:25) quaid: it's pretty straightforward from here, if anyone has
time to pick i tup
(22:07:40) BobJensen: Can we Publish EN, and then publish the
translations as they are available?
(22:07:41) ***quaid makes sure he put the to-do-fc5-errata in
(22:07:46) quaid: yes
(22:08:01) BobJensen: OK I think that will make mether happy
(22:08:06) BobJensen: and me also
(22:08:45) BobJensen: quaid: so if we can publish the EN by Friday I am
OK with that
(22:09:00) BobJensen: we will get the others as available
(22:10:26) BobJensen: I will get an updated email about that sent also
(22:10:33) quaid: ok
(22:11:01) BobJensen: anything more?
(22:12:04) quaid: nope
(22:12:06) quaid: </meeting>


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