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Development Focus

Since opening this list I was surprised by the enthusiasm especially for educational conferences. However I strongly believe that both my and Red Hat's efforts, time, and resources going toward K12LTSP at this point should be focused mainly on developmental priorities at first.

1) Development work to get K12LTSP merged as an official part of the Fedora distribution.
- Submit all K12LTSP packages to the Extras review process
- Adapt to the MueKow framework in order to eliminate lots of the redundant OS building. - Make K12LTSP into a "mode" you can enable and configure from a GUI interface after you install Fedora. - Write improved tools like selection of interfaces and it tells you what it will happen. That way you aren't surprised when a DHCP server pops up on an existing network, causing all kinds of fun conflicts. =)

2) Development work of marketing, promotional and educational materials in order to allow the message to scale to greater audiences with less effort and low marginal cost.
- Educational videos
- Pamphlets
- Books

I *will* participate in the New England Linux education conferences because I am relatively nearby. If we have a hack-a-thon I will probably want to participate in that too.

Maybe we could set aside some private time for K12LTSP integration or MueKow integration design discussion sessions at one or both of the NELinux conferences?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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