[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] FEL needs your help

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh.goorah at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 13:06:58 UTC 2008

Hello Fedora Marketing,

As you are all already familiar with FEL, I'll skip the introduction.

For F-10 FEL development, Aanjhaan and Thibault joined me to maintain
FEL, but now they are both very busy. I have many plans and many
features for F-11 FEL, but alone (with very little time) I would have
to reduce my participation as an ambassador, mentor, package reviewer
and support for other opensource communities.

I am going to meet (on my own expenses) :
* some automotive engineers next weekend to see how Fedora can propose
a portfolio "electronic design" for the automotive industry. (e.g.
doing measurements: roll, pitch, yaw ...)
* some XMOS designers to see how existing opensource tools can embrace
XMOS support (sometimes in January).

As you can see, I'm looking forward to elevate Fedora status for
professional production purposes. If I succeed, I assume that there
will many companies, educational institutions and end-users who will
be deploying more than 5 Fedora installations at ONE time. This is my
fedora marketing strategy. If I have time EPEL repository can also
benefit from this, thereby CentOS/RHEL users will also be happy.

I would appreciate if ambassadors could contact their local
universities (Electronic department, to be precised), and inform them
about Fedora's investment in the electronic design community.

You will find FEL todo list here (which will be updated with time):
So if you think someone could help with Fedora electronic portfolio,
please do introduce him/her to FEL's mailing list.

I have also another objective: to bring various upstream closer and
try to encourage them not to re-invent the wheel but focus on
providing industry-class solutions for the opensource community. Of
course, fedora will benefit from it first.

If time allows, I'll also engage myself (as I promised to Tom
Callaway) with some upstream developers to open their software into a
GPL-compatible license. So if you know someone with legal skills,
please welcome him/her to join the Fedora family.

If you know a local blogger about electronics, please propose them to
write a blog post about "Fedora and its electronic portfolio".

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

thank you.

Kind regards,

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