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Nice info below :-)

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My junior undergraduate students in ECE 3450 (Digital Electronics) and
I have used Electric for the first time.
They have been very happy with this tool (as have I) and have immense
praise for it (ease of use, allowing them to see 3D structures, nice
IRSIM simulator, etc). As a result, each one of them has successfully
laid out relatively complex circuits using Electric on their own. If
interested, please visit


to see their projects. Twelve weeks ago, few of them knew what a
transistor was or what CMOS is all about. Electric has played a very
significant role in their education. Many are now eager to learn more
about VLSI design.

If there are any instructors or non-undergraduate students (sorry)
here who would like the source files for the projects to use in their
own courses (tutorials, labs, etc)/learning, I'll be happy to share
them with you. Feel free to contact me.

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