[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Re: Urgent: Fedora Electronic Lab + Educational SW

Danishka Navin danishka at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 20:06:46 UTC 2008

Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
> Danishka Navin wrote:
>> Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
>>> Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
>>>> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 4:58 AM, Danishka Navin 
>>>> <danishka at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...] snip!
>>>>> I need kind of extended version of FEL. :)
>>>>> As you setup the FEL DVD is just 1.2GB.
>>>>> Could you make  a DVD iso by adding other Fedora educational 
>>>>> sofwares.
>>>>> Then teachers can work on other educational SW on the same DVD.
>>>>> I am not asking to change your FEL DVD structure.
>>>>> Let it be 1.2GB as you did.
>>>>> Pls give me a new iso which includes both FEL and Educational 
>>>>> software.
> [...] snip!
>>>> Dear Danishka,
>>>> I'm happy to hear from you and your workshops.
>>>> If you install Fedora Electronic Lab, you can yum install all
>>>> educational software.
>>>> Likewise if you install fedora from the standard iso, you can still
>>>> yum install any electronic software.
>>>> Unfortunately I can't merge electronic and educational software in the
>>>> FEL Livedvd iso for the following reasons:
>>>> - I am the only one maintaining FEL as full-time
>>>> - the use of educational software is vast and targets various
>>>> categories of users (astronomy, biology, math,..). for each one of
>>>> them the age of the users should be taken into account. We had a
>>>> Fedora Educational spin in the past. I'm CC: the fedora board mailing
>>>> list hoping someone can revive and maintain a Fedora Education spin.
>>> Ping! Hi there :)
>>> Well, we've an education spin, as well as a special interest group 
>>> [1] for educational stuff.
>> I have joined to the team
> Welcome and thanks for joining! :)
>>> But, er... I need to admit, the spin which you can currently grab 
>>> from spins.fedoraproject.org only includes mathematical 
>>> applications. If you want to get further information, you might want 
>>> to look at the feature page here [3].
>>> Unfortunately, it became quite calm around the Edu SIG, but I'm 
>>> still hoping that this doesn't need to be the end.
>>> For example, you could add your name to the wiki and we can try to 
>>> get something off the ground :). Our last meeting on IRC also 
>>> happened some time ago - if you're interested in joining, I'd be 
>>> happy to welcome you!
>>> I've been working on some Sugar & OLPC stuff recently, but I believe 
>>> a spin with educational or scientific apps is still heavily needed. 
>>> Maybe we should also expand our goals: Just focusing on mathematical 
>>> applications might have been not the best idea. Maybe we could also 
>>> cooperate with other groups in Fedora (with educational or 
>>> scientific goals) concerning the creation of a spin.
>>> But I still feel that without feedback or ideas from other people, 
>>> it's somehow hard to get something started. Like Chitlesh said, a 
>>> list of the software you want use would be great.
>>>> Maybe if you give us a list of software you wish to have for your
>>>> workshops, maybe fedora can spin a special LiveDVD for your workshops
>>>> while you will promote fedora. I ask the approval from Fedora Board
>>>> for such a spin through this email.
>>> This might be a solution, too. But nevertheless, I think feedback or 
>>> ideas concerning a possible spin would be very helpful!
>> Hi Sebastian,
>> My target is adding possible software's which covers  all (but 
>> possible) school education subjects.
>> Math, Arts, Science, Language/English, Computer, Geography, Accounts, 
>> Electronics, etc
>> for age range of 6 to 18 students and teachers of them.
> Okey dokey, this sounds really like a beginning. I think we should 
> also evaluate, which applications we're going to include, since it 
> doesn't really make sense to flood the spin with e.g. three geometry 
> programs, right?
> Maybe we should just have a quick meeting on IRC, if you want to. How 
> about this Monday, 1800 UTC on #fedora-edu on Freenode? If this time 
> doesn't work for you or somebody else here around, please let me know! 
1800 UTC (local time ~ 2330) is not convenient for me  during next week. 
( I am away from home)
How about  Thursday or Friday at UTC 1200 or 1300?

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