[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Fwd: New version of The Electric VLSI Design System

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Tue Dec 23 23:28:33 UTC 2008

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 7:47 PM, Aanjhan R wrote:
> FYI.

I have packaged 8.08 only for rawhide. you can pluck it from koji. I
will first wait the review of jogl to be completed before updating
electric in F-9 and F-10 branch. Jogl provides opengl support for
electric. I don't want to dump releases like that.

However if you want to electric 8.08 to be in F-9 and F-10 updates,
please help with jogl's review.

Updating software is not my priority now, until I get all the feature
items of F-11 done. JohnCiesla will want me complete those feature
items before I submit him FEL's feature list.

Since last week, we have now more vhdl support via perl:

Already in repositories:
- perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Parser
- vhd2vl

Approved, but not yet built on koji:
- perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Tidy
- perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Lexer

Thus with these tools fedora users can easily create their own scripts to :
- autogenerate testbenches
- identify gated clocks
from their designs

More verilog support to come early january. I have quite a handful of
perl verilog packages already packaged at my place. Just need time to
submit for review and people willing to review.

By the way aanjhaan, I haven't heard from you with respect to the menu
structure. I have done my research and was hoping to bring forward a
proposal to FESCo and later on Freedesktop.org. Should I wait for you
? I also find it stupid from freedesktop.org that they consider
"engineering" category to be edutainment. Thereby octace/qtoctave and
scilab will be tagged as "entertainment". No wonder why people prefer
matlab before even considering octave or scilab.

F-11 alpha will be out soon next year, better get all the proposals to
FESCo as soon as possible.

Currently, I'm submitting all patches/comments to different upstream
so that they can fix it upstream. If anyone finds or identifies
something that needs to be fixed please say so.

Are there any updates from those who suggested docs/examples ?

geda&gaf are pushed to stable releases and soon on EL-5 branch once I
get libgeda and libstroke into the chainbuild.


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