[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] One thing I hate with Open software activists

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 22:27:09 UTC 2008

Hello there,

below is my very own opinion:

What is free software ? (don't answer me, I know it) GNU people talk
about free software !

However in most of their presentations, they specified: "free
software" is not "free and open source software". Confusing that
maybe, "free software" like systemc, tlm and others are left aside by
the opensource communities. Before giving me any revelants lectures on
the licenses, please do take some time to think :

Think about who developed those tools ? Actually what are those
companies that developed systemc, tlm ... ? They are Cadence,
Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, ... Three enemies. But they work together
on something. Weird, uh? something that can be downloaded by everyone
for free. All ASIC design centres have at least a systemc
installation. Just imagine industry-approved design tools developed by
leading EDA companies for Free and easy download with yum !

What I want you to see here is :-> Leading communities are developing
opensource applications. They have made their first step already.
Have a look at :
Example : http://www.opensourceliberty.org/
Pay attention to Synopsys contributions in respect to CCS.

Why hasn't this format being used with GNU-compatible OpenSource EDA
tools ? (Aanjhaan, this is a question you can ask during your
presentation for people to think).

Now, another case :
why and why do opensource communities talk about open source software
and NOT opensource HARDWARE ? Aside openmoko and friends.

Ah yes, there is opensparc.[1] You have most certainly heard that last
august. Hardware related materials are free, but only useful for
proprietary software from Cadence and Synopsys. Do you know that
Canonical/Ubuntu also contribute for opensparc [2]?

Here what I want to show you is: People use "opensource" wordings for
commercial marketing, but opensparc is a good initiave. However, no
one cares about the "open hardware designed with opensource EDA
tools". Pay attention to  "no one cares" in the above sentence. This
is a problem for me.

A problem ! We have so many good EDA developers (I'm referring to
upstream) who are doing a fantastic job. There are a lot opensource
data (hardware related) scattered on the web. Most of the time
upstream doesn't have time, resources or even not aware of these

This is what FEL was meant to be (when I first introduced FEL to my
sponsor, Hans de Goede), bring down the gap that bridge these 2
worlds. We are met to do more than just packaging.

Those who attended the KDE akademy in Belgium this year, will remember
good presentations about projects involving hardware development. None
used opensource EDA tool !! None !!

During FOSS.in there will be a beagleboard presentation. A nice thing
from Texas Instrument (Thibault will remember we went to talk to them)
. But doesn't support opensource EDA tools.

My point is that opensource software isn't only about
OOo,kernel,KDE,gnome, but also opensource EDA tools. I won't talk much
but products from gEDA, toped and opencircuitdesign have reached their
maturity. People need to spread the word.


Kind regards,

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