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I've successfully simulated a non-trivial PCI device using my new
simbus package, so I think it's time to make the first snapshot:


I've also started wiki documentation at:


This snapshot includes the ability to connect pci device and host
models  written in Verilog and/or C/C++. The models are each in
their own processes, and need not even be on the same computer,
which allows you to split the simulation of your larger modeled
system across a network of computers.

I use simbus by writing my "host" testbench in C/C++ to test my PCI
device written in Verilog. The C/C++ binding abstracts PCI commands
so that it is fairly easy to write code to interact with the bus.
It is also fairly easy to write and test driver code for your
device, then port it to an operating system later.

The package includes an example PCI memory device that can be a
target and even a bus master when properly configured. This device,
the pcimem device, is useful in particular as a target for the PCI
device you are testing. The source for the pcimem device also
demonstrates how you would connect your own PCI device model to

* Future plans/Ideas

A system builder tool would be helpful. It's a little clunky to
assemble the server configuration file and start all the processed
by hand.

Support for other bus types. I'm likely to add CameraLink because
our boards typically have CameraLink interfaces, but I can see the
value of supporting I2C, Wishbone, AMBA, etc.

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