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Sat Apr 11 10:18:12 UTC 2009

#15: FEL with source + build packages
 Reporter:  shakthimaan  |       Owner:  chitlesh            
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                 
 Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Fedora 11 'Leonidas'
Component:  FEL          |     Version:  devel               
 Keywords:  Source       |  
 I would like FEL to include source packages with documentation for various
 FEL tools that it ships with for the following reasons:

 1. It should be a distro that one can install, use, and develop, without
 the need for an Internet connection. For upgrades, developers can obtain
 patches and re-build.

 2. There are many people who are on dial-up in remote places in India, and
 the speeds are slow. It takes a really long time to download the source
 packages or refer documentation. It is only useful for chatting. And most
 of them on dial-up are on winmodems, and don't have driver support with

 3. It will be helpful to deploy this standalone solution in a lab.

 If the above can be done, it will be an off-the-shelf distro that one can
 simply install and use for learning, development and testing.

 I think FEL uses only 1.3 GB, so disk space shouldn't be an issue.

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