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Wed Dec 9 07:28:58 UTC 2009

#77: Check the following features on xcircuit with upstream
  Reporter:  chitlesh       |       Owner:  chitlesh      
      Type:  defect         |      Status:  reopened      
  Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  Upstream      
 Component:  analog design  |     Version:  devel         
Resolution:                 |    Keywords:  xcircuit, edif
Changes (by chitlesh):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  fixed =>


 == Bug !#007 ==

 ::xcircuit::spice2symbol can't identify ".dialog.techself.techselect".

 === Steps to reproduce ===

  *  On xcircuit's tcl console:

  * The make::symbol dialog box popups in. When the "Ok" button is clicked,
 an error dialog popups and the symbol is not created.

 === Results with v3.6.164 ===

 invalid command name ".dialog.techself.techselect"
 invalid command name ".dialog.techself.techselect"
    while executing
 ".dialog.techself.techselect cget -text"
    (procedure "xcircuit::makesymbol" line 6)
    invoked from within
 rpmbuild/BUILD/pharosc-8.5/xcircuit/subckt/rgalib/aoi21v0x1.spi {a1 a2
 b vdd vss z}"
    invoked from within
 ".dialog.bbar.okay invoke"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
 "uplevel #0 [list $w invoke]"
    (procedure "tk::ButtonUp" line 22)
    invoked from within
 "tk::ButtonUp .dialog.bbar.okay"
    (command bound to event)

 === Status ===

 Upstream was contacted and pending.

Ticket URL: <https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-electronic-lab/ticket/77#comment:5>
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