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#51: chalmers-lava2000
  Reporter:  shakthimaan  |       Owner:  shakthimaan
      Type:  defect       |      Status:  assigned   
  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Fedora 13  
 Component:  FEL          |     Version:  devel      
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Changes (by shakthimaan):

  * owner:  shakthimaan* => shakthimaan
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 Upstream has made the changes and released a new package. But, few
 clarifications required:

 1. Upstream uses Scripts/smv.wrapper script which is a 'freeware' Cadence
 tool which we cannot ship. If we package NuSMV (ticket #89), can we safely
 remove the present smv.wrapper scripts shipped with the upstream package?

 Instead of the Scripts/satzoo.wrapper, we could look into using minisat2
 compatibility usage.

 Verification is optional, so if we package NuSMV, should we add this as
 'Requires' in this chalmers-lava2000 package? or should we ignore the
 verification part and go ahead with just packaging chalmers-lava2000
 package, but, document verification in our FEL user guide?

 2. There is a Vhdl/lava.vhd file included in the upstream package that has
 definitions of entities, which are produced in the .vhdl file generated
 from chalmers-lava2000 when using:

 === First.hs ===

  import Lava

  halfAdd (a, b) = (sum, carry)
      sum   = xor2 (a, b)
      carry = and2 (a, b)

 === END ===

 $ ghci
 Prelude> :l First.hs
 *Main> import Lava
 *Main Lava> writeVhdl "halfAdd" halfAdd

 How to include this definition file, lava.vhd, in the generated
 halfAdd.vhd source file so it can be compiled successfully with ghdl (for

 3. Where should we place this lava.vhd definitions file so that any VHDL
 project across the system can include it?

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