[fedora-electronic-lab] gpsim and missing libraries

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 30 15:42:39 UTC 2009

g wrote:
> Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 4:44 AM, g wrote:
>>> KDE: 3.5.10-19.fc12 Fedora
>>> Qt: 3.3.8b
>> You are not using the default f12 (from fedora's official
>> repositories). Maybe that's the source of the character encoding
>> issues.
> i used either 'fel-12 live' cd, or i used f-12 dvd from fedora project.
> do not recall which now, as i pulled both.
> i ran 3rd update two weeks ago, 2 had kernel updates. i had to drop back
> to install kernel do to problems with with new kernel boot problems.
> currently, i am under sl-5.4. i can reboot to f-12 and check to see what
> is in installation log in root's directory about for further information
> if you think that will help tell just what i installed.
> if fel live does not build this file, then that will be an indication. if
> it does build file, there should be some sort of difference between a live
> build and a dvd build and log should show it.
> being that you built 'fel-12 live', what do you think?
> yes / no / maybe? pick any 2. ;)

in addition, i just check updated bookmarks and dvd's that i pulled;

 f-12 from;

 fel-12 live dvd from;

therefor, i either installed from 'f-12' dvd, 'f-12 live' dvd or
'fel-12 live' dvd.

if 'f-12' dvd does not contain 'kde' i would have installed from 'f-12 live'
dvd or 'fel-12 live' dvd.

i do recall that 'fel-12 live' was a slow download as there are very few
torrent feeds.

so, if answer is in installation log, i can find from it what i installed.


peace out.



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