[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] fel10 or f10 or sl5.4

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Feb 14 01:11:29 UTC 2009

Thibault North wrote:

>> same/similar problems as with f10?
> Yes.

figures. :(

>> same/similar features as with f10?
> Yes.

will make life easier. :)

>> if i install fel10, will i have same updates as with f10 or do i
>> need to make additions to repos list?
> You'll have the same updates.

i had hoped so. :)

> But for FEL-specific applications, you can use this 
> mailing-list, we'll be glad to try and help.

from what i have noticed, there are a fel on fedora-list,
or most are silent.

i will stay with both list. more time will go to fel list when i
get a *working* f10.

> What do you mean here? Not sure I get your question. Do you want to execute 
> applications of another installation from SL5.4 ?
> You might experience problems doing that.

was curious about this. sl5.4 is rhel recompiled to include
grid computing and other enhancements.

i believe i saw something about using el components, but do not
recall what or where. will check thru sl tsl.

main reason for asking was that i would rather not spend time
fixing a base system when i want to do productive el work.

from what i have been thru so far in getting a stable f10 working,
it does not look all that promising.

which brings further questions.

which would be better, install f10, get it working, then add fel?

or, install fel10, get basics working and then enjoy el?

thanks for your reply. looking forward to next.

peace out.



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