[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Embedded SIG (continued)

Alessandro GARDICH gremlin at gremlin.it
Thu Feb 19 22:00:34 UTC 2009

Hi all

I'm interested in Linux Embedded since some years.
I talk with Chitlesh at FOSDEM and he invite me to join this mailing 
list, I join a bit late so I'm re-opening (restarting) this thread.

In my opinion what FEL can provide is basically three things :
1) all the companion software need to install specific software
2) provide stable version of well known and most used tools
3) provide pre-configured tools for specific hardware

point 1) is about already well done also by standard Fedora, providing 
all tool necessary to build ourself a toolchain or another, provide 
bitbake and git to make really simple to and use OpenEmbedded so I think 
what is maybe missing are just a bounce of packages.

point 2) is important for newbies mainly, when you are starting a 
project, be able to test a new tool just installing some packages can 
really make the difference. Maybe later when the work become hard could 
be necessary to not use preconfigured tools but build ourself or use the 
latest (and unstable) ones ... but at least at the beginning all was easy.

point 3) is a step over point 2), I think about two kind of hardware, 
official dev-boards and cheap ones. Taking Omap3 as an example the 
OMAP35x Evaluation Module (EVM) and the Beagle Board

I'm part of OpenEmbedded project, we try to provide a simple way to 
develop for embedded devices. Maybe could not be a good solution to 
provide a lot of similar toolchains for different hardware but can be 
useful to provide some easy way (script os so) to build toolchains for 
well known hardware, during FOSDEM was also shown an Eclipse integration 
with BitBake/OpenEmbedded to facilitate many operations.

I'll like to play time to time with small 8bit uC, and have in Fedora 
packages ready to use for AVR or MSP430 is a great thing! I would like 
to reach the same level also for small uC ARM board (with eCos or 
freeRTOS) and maybe also for big devices as BeagleBoard, Neuros OSD2, 
Nokia N8x0 and more.

thanks all

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