[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Your views on "trac on a Livecd " ?

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh.goorah at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 12:17:30 UTC 2009

Hello there,

My intension is to enhance project management (with respect to
electronics) experience while designing hardware with FEL.

So on the FEL Livedvd which is a marketing medium, I wish to give
users an _example_ about how they can use trac and git/svn for
hardware development and track the open tickets. Thereby in the quest
of improving the hardware design methodologies on FEL, and  expanding
our marketing portfolio, I wish to hear from you how I can implement
such trac/git/svn session on the LiveDVD if I provide some contents
(examples) ?

Kind regards,

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