[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] FEL 1-page handout for talks/FOSS conferences

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Sat Feb 28 23:05:25 UTC 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Aanjhan R wrote:
> Comments welcome!

Hello Aanjhan

I appreciate you took the time to create this brochure. However I have
the followings comments:

# Colour
It is my responsibility to point out that colour choices should follow
the fedora colours similar to the one other fedora sigs are using.
This maintain conformity with other fedora subprojects. It is
important that those reading the brochure DO NOT converge to "FEL is a
Fedora fork".

The colour choices on this brochure are not the best choice for
printing, independent of laser or ink-jet type . Black background
should be avoided if the brochure is meant for printing.

# content

It seems to me that the contents for design tools are not really for
FEL 10, but FEL8/9. The contents do not convey the goals on FEL in
terms of our focus on design flows and methodologies. As well our
support to projects like gEDA and opencircuitdesing, toped, pharosc,..
FEL is not only about the tools but also the opensource EDA community.

Fedora 11 will be at our door soon. It would be nice to work for F11
and write the EDA solutions provided for FEL11.

I would replace gwave by LabPlot as gwave is too fragile and breaks
easily. I've explained before in my blog how to migrate to LabPlot
from gwave.

# The targetted audience

Can you explain to me your targetted audience please ?

I tend to focus on the following audience :
- students/researchers
- lecturers
- hardware designers (even Test engineers)
- project coordinators
- new opensource EDA developers
- field application engineers (who have never heard of FEL)
- ...(but not software geeks)

For each of them we need to be able to give "EDA solutions" and make
them aware through the flyer that they can have those solutions and
what are the features being proposed. At the same time we should use
their respective jargon.

FEL is not about the linux operating system but about the opensource
EDA solutions on linux. So eventually, the targetted users are not the
same in either case. But it remains our reponsibility to know where we

An example would be looking at how TMSC expose briefly his services

# typo

red hat is not "responsible" for the content.

# too much urls

I think too much urls consume space and our targetted users are not
that stupid find the download button.

This is briefly my thoughts. You are free to update accordingly if you want.

While writing this email, I remembered some compliments we got from fosdem:
-MaxSpevak : FEL is a very good example of innovative side of Fedora.
-JeroenMeuven : FEL is the successful fedora spin since the spin idea
came up during F7.
-GregDeKonigberg: FEL came up to the opensource environment with a
clear mind about a problem to fix, what the opensource community is
missing and no one has stepped in before.
- Glexos : FEL's leadership in its field(electronics) is an example
for other opensource sigs to follow.

Well, though these are good compliments, nevertheless they also mean
that we have set a quality barrier and that we only have to do better
each time. Thank you all to make this happen :)

Kind regards,

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