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#23: Package qtdmm
  Reporter:  zap            |       Owner:  sherry151
      Type:  task           |      Status:  assigned 
  Priority:  minor          |   Milestone:  Fedora 12
 Component:  analog design  |     Version:  devel    
Resolution:                 |    Keywords:           
Comment (by sherry151):

 Replying to [comment:11 zap]:
 >  1. If you would look at the .desktop patch you would see why I did it
 :) it will:
 >    1. Change the name in menu from QtDMM to Digital Multimeter
 >    1. Add a description for the menu item (it will show as a tooltip if
 you keep the mouse pointer over the menu item for some time)
 >    1. Adds translation to Russian for the program name and description
 >    1. Changes icon name from /usr/share/pixmaps/qtdmm.png to simply
 qtdmm - there's no need for a fully-qualified file name, and it's prone to

 That's fine. But do not forget to send the patches upstream.

 >  1. The .srpm has a packager name in it just because I have "%dist
 .fc9.zap" in my ~/.rpmmacros. Of course, the final version will be
 renamed, it's just for my convenience to differentiate src.rpms. Anyway
 the final .src.rpm will be rebuilt by somebody/something, or am I wrong?

 Understood and yes you are right, the final package will be built by the
 [http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/UsingKoji koji] build

 >  1. ok about empty line separators, although I have split it in three
 blocks by sense - first block: package description, second: package
 source; third: build information. About indentions - I don't like it at
 all, and all Fedora packages I have seen don't use indentions, so
 indenting will make our RPMs inconsistent with mainline. Once long time
 ago I also was indenting everything like that but dropped this practice
 for several reasons.

 No problem. You can stick to whatever seems good to you but make sure that
 the spec file is legible.

 > On the wiki there's a line:
 > "Make sure that you mention in the 'Review Description' field that this
 is your first package, and you are seeking a sponsor"
 > do I have to do this, or I have already passed the review process?

 Yes you do if you are not already a Fedora package maintainer. The review
 done here is unofficial review and the actual fedora review process has to
 be passed. Create a [https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/new
 FAS] account  and sign the CLA. Then apply the CLA and apply for the
 Fedora Package Maintainers group. File a review request in bugzilla as
 told earlier and do not forget to set the FE_NEEDSPONSOR in the Blocks
 section. Then paste the review link here and official review and
 sponsoring will be done.

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