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#31: Package MGEN/PARIS IC Design Environment
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 This is a set of ASIC design tools developed by Atmel and others. They
 were previously used as in-house tools as well as being offered
 commercially, but are now released under LGPL. Besides the Layout Module
 Generator Environment MGEN, it also includes the PARIS layout editor and
 accompanying utilities such as the hierarchical comparison tool LAYDI and
 the boolean operation server MERGED (released to use with GPL by AISS, now

 The kernel of the MGEN system consists of a library containing a set of
 fundamental functions for creation and manipulation of geometric objects
 and cells. Based on these functions is a set of higher level functions for
 the synthesis of more complex structures. MGEN programs can communicate
 with other tools in different standard interface formats.

 PARIS is a technology-independent hierarchical layout editor which can
 make use of the MGEN functions, and supports both full-custom and cell-
 oriented IC design. It includes a (Korn-shell-derived) command language.

 Now also includes MANIAC, a very flexible graphic viewer for numerical
 data (e.g. from SPICE or commercial simulators) as well as many (mostly
 internal) improvements and bug fixes.


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