[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] how to get FEL while in f10

Dhushyanth R r.dushyanth at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 10:09:38 UTC 2009

Hi everyone
I'd like to try out the new FEL. But i already have an f10 installed
on my comp. Through this list i came to know that groupinstall option
has been enabled for FEL in f11. Can i download that(if it's stable
enough) through YUM. If so how. As i'm a newbie it would be better if
i can get detailed instructions if it were possible.

I did look at the FEL link but most of it was getting the torrent,
etc. but nothing on how to get FEL packages while still being in the
common f10

Or should i just individually get the packages downloaded into f10.
Even in that case where can i get a list of all the packages that come
in the FEL spin

R Dhushyanth

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