[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Your views on "trac on a Livecd " ?

Svilen krustev.svilen at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 1 13:35:24 UTC 2009

Hi Chitlesh,

The idea of course is quite nice, but there are some specifics. 
Concerning bug/task tracking - there should not be principle troubles 
here. In other words trac can be used in a trivial way as far as I can see.

Concerning the revision control systems ...
They are very good with text data. The trouble is that most of the FEL 
tools deal primarily with binary data (or I'm wrong?). All revision 
control systems I've seen are more or less helpless with binary data. 
What I mean is that the incremental diffs are practically unusable 
there. In the best case the revision control systems allow an external 
diff to be used for the corresponding file type. Correct me if I'm 
wrong, but neither of FEL tools offer a tool suitable to be used as an 
external diff for the binary formats they are dealing with. By the way - 
the situation is very similar with commercial tools. In result - all 
binary data used by FEL tools can't be stored incrementally in the 
databases of any of the revision control systems.
Don't get me wrong - this is not a problem of the revision control 
systems. They will deal with our binary data in the best way they can 
and it is - to store every single commit as a whole file. Now going in 
the layout land for example - it will result in a huge database. Not the 
most elegant solution.

It seems that if svn/git are to be used in an example methodology - then 
the example should be focused on a tools that use text files (well 
suitable for incremental diffs ) to store their data. If the focus is on 
trac only - then I can't see a problem.

Actually this is quite interesting and uncharted area for layout 
formats. The revision control is practically unknown there. I would be 
quite keen to discuss this separately if there is an interest.


Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Shakthi Kannan wrote:
>> There is a video session and presentation on git tutorial by Bart
>> Trojanowski which is really good. You can ask him if it can be shipped
>> with the DVD? He gave me permission to re-use his presentation under
>> CC with attribution:
>> http://excess.org/article/2008/07/ogre-git-tutorial/
> Hello Shakthi,
> I think you got me wrong here. I was not really thinking about
> - how to use git/trac/svn as individual software
> but rather
> how a combination of all these 3 could be used by CAD engineers to
> automate their internal home based methodologies through a ticketing
> service.
> As you can see, it would rather be giving people the chance to enhance
> their existing design methodologies or platform for hardware
> development.
> Example:
> - A university can try (as in trial) this ticketing service + version
> control and decide to expand their course to a long distance teaching
> method.
> - 2/3 people scattered around the world but have the same idea, they
> will be introduced with FEL of such mechanism which allows them to
> collaborate irrespective of their timezone.
> To sum up, these are ways to improve hardware development with opensource tools.
> Kind regards,
> Chitlesh
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