[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] kde alpha slow

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 22:24:33 UTC 2009

Hello KDE Sig

It has been reported to me several times this week, that the KDE alpha
livecd boots very slowly. I have tried it and confirm under 512mb RAM)
that after plymouth it takes more than 30 minutes to get the KDE
desktop in place, before the installation could start. The
installation takes again another 30 minutes.

This concerns me because the FEL Livedvd is KDE based and I use it as
a marketing means for FEL apps which are desktop-environment
independent. Will we see improvements in this boot time for f11 beta ?

My main target is to use FEL Livedvd during a presentation + beamer.
If the boot time is so long, KDE here does not meet my needs. I would
like to hear your views and insurance about it.

Kind regards,

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