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Wed May 27 08:21:41 UTC 2009

#19: package a 8051 ide  (spec included)
  Reporter:  chitlesh         |       Owner:  shakthimaan
      Type:  task             |      Status:  assigned   
  Priority:  major            |   Milestone:  Fedora 12  
 Component:  embedded design  |     Version:  devel      
Resolution:                   |    Keywords:             
Comment (by chitlesh):

 You are right. In any other package that requires libraries yum will
 deduce the dependencies by itself. But in this case, mcu8051ide is of tcl-
 scripts. This is why rpm -qp XXX.rpm, can't pull the proper dependencies.
 I think I will file a bug against yum/rpm because for Perl scripts yum
 does pull the proper dependencies.

 Actual Requires :

 Requires:       tcl >= 8.4, tk >= 8.4, tkimg >= 1.3, itcl >= 3.1, tdom >=
 0.8, tcllib >= 1.6, bwidget >= 1.8, rxvt-unicode >= 8.3

 After rpm -qR on each, it simplifies to:

 Requires:       tkimg, itcl, tdom, tcllib, bwidget, rxvt-unicode

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