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owners owners.epel.list,1.186,1.187

Author: wtogami

Update of /cvs/extras/owners
In directory cvs-int.fedora.redhat.com:/home/fedora/wtogami/owners

Modified Files:
Log Message:

Index: owners.epel.list
RCS file: /cvs/extras/owners/owners.epel.list,v
retrieving revision 1.186
retrieving revision 1.187
diff -u -r1.186 -r1.187
--- owners.epel.list	9 May 2007 18:58:07 -0000	1.186
+++ owners.epel.list	9 May 2007 19:50:48 -0000	1.187
@@ -448,6 +448,7 @@
 Fedora EPEL|PyQt-qscintilla|PyQt qscintilla extentions|rdieter math unl edu|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora EPEL|python-basemap|Plots data on map projections (with continental and political boundaries)|orion cora nwra com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora EPEL|python-basemap-data|Data for python-basemap|orion cora nwra com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
+Fedora EPEL|python-cheetah|Template engine and code-generator|mikeb redhat com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora EPEL|python-cherrypy|A pythonic, object-oriented web development framework|lmacken redhat com,toshio tiki-lounge com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora EPEL|python-cherrytemplate|An easy and powerful templating module for Python|lmacken redhat com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|jamatos fc up pt
 Fedora EPEL|python-clientform|Python module for client-side HTML forms|lmacken redhat com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|

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