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owners owners.list,1.2985,1.2986

Author: spot

Update of /cvs/pkgs/owners
In directory cvs-int.fedora.redhat.com:/tmp/cvs-serv6301

Modified Files:
Log Message:


Index: owners.list
RCS file: /cvs/pkgs/owners/owners.list,v
retrieving revision 1.2985
retrieving revision 1.2986
diff -u -r1.2985 -r1.2986
--- owners.list	31 May 2007 02:08:06 -0000	1.2985
+++ owners.list	31 May 2007 13:44:02 -0000	1.2986
@@ -753,6 +753,7 @@
 Fedora Extras|gnome-themes-extras|Collection of metathemes for the GNOME desktop environment|extras-orphan fedoraproject org|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora Extras|gnome-translate|GNOME interface to libtranslate -- Natural language translator|dmitry butskoy name|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora Extras|gnome-vfsmm26|C++ wrapper for gnome-vfs|denis poolshark org|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
+Fedora Extras|gnome-vfs2-obexftp|ObexFTP over Bluetooth support for GNOME|bnocera redhat com|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora Extras|gnome-yum|GNOME Interface for YUM|extras-orphan fedoraproject org|extras-qa fedoraproject org|toth_bandi users sourceforge net
 Fedora Extras|gnomebaker|Gnome CD burner|bdpepple ameritech net|extras-qa fedoraproject org|
 Fedora Extras|gnomeradio|Graphical FM-Tuner program|rpm greysector net|extras-qa fedoraproject org|

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