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Re: New Package Process

gdk redhat com (Greg DeKoenigsberg) writes:

> How will we scale this project to a million packages?

I do not think that we will have millions of packages... freshmeat
lists around 35000 packages and we (Core + Extras) are currently at
2000 packages.

> Because that's the goal.  The goal of Fedora Extras, in my mind, is to
> provide all of the software in the world to all of the people in the
> world.  Nothing less.

I would add the word 'high-quality' somewhere... Thousands of crappy
packages do not help somebody and make the repository useless.

> 1. Novice packager builds crap package with the assistance of 
> fe-pkg-builder.
> 2. Novice packager puts crap package thru fe-pkg-lint, which points out 
> large chunks of crap.

Where can I download fe-pkg-lint? ;) IMO, you can detect only a small
class of errors by automatic tests, real QA needs human intervention.


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