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Status of monkey-bubble (and frozen-bubble)


Regarding monkey-bubble, I have a few questions :

The first is to know if we couldn't import it into Extras. Seems like the
main issue at the time was that the fedora.us build server was rebuilding
it wrong. The last .src.rpm of the above bug works great for me on FC3
after a simple s/gettext/gettext-devel/ in the build deps.

The second is to know if there are any kind of legal implications in doing
so : I had decided not to import frozen-bubble because of its name and
gameplay similarity with the original "Puzzle Bobble" (almost certainly
copyrighted and trademarked), and monkey-bubble is in the exact same
When I looked around for more information, I noticed that many
distributions, including SuSE, were offering frozen-bubble, and the author
had never received any questions regarding legal aspects.

In this particular case, since the gameplay has already been cloned in many
commercial products (other arcade games from other manufacturers than
Taito), that the name, although similar, is actually quite different, and
that the entire artwork is 100% original and free, I'd tend to be ok with
including both in Extras.
Has anyone else done research on the subject?


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