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Re: New Packages and a New Layout in Fedora Extras

Am Mittwoch, den 02.02.2005, 11:00 +0100 schrieb Matthias Saou:
> seth vidal wrote :
> > We've also reorganized a little bit for the migration to official
> > 'extras' status.
> > 
> > The directory hierarchy looks like this:
> [...]
> Cool. I've noticed you also cleaned up the packages to remove obsolete
> builds it seems. Similarly, I think the x86_64 build logs would need
> cleaning up, since I wanted to go through them to see if there were any
> bugs I already knew about and could fix, but many of the logs are old or
> strange and correspond to packages that are successfully built. For
> instance :
> camE
> caca-utils (very weird, shouldn't it be "libcaca"?)
> libcaca-devel

I'm also working on those "failed for x86_64" packages ATM ;-) I have a
rough list of actual x86_64 build problems in pre-extras.

I'll try to bring some info in the wiki later today that should be
helpful for you. But we should try to avoid working on the same
packages. Can you mark those you plan to fix in the Wiki after I created
that list? Thanks.

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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