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Re: New Packages and a New Layout in Fedora Extras

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote :

> > Cool. I've noticed you also cleaned up the packages to remove obsolete
> > builds it seems. Similarly, I think the x86_64 build logs would need
> > cleaning up, since I wanted to go through them to see if there were any
> > bugs I already knew about and could fix, but many of the logs are old
> > strange and correspond to packages that are successfully built. For
> > instance :
> > 
> > camE
> > caca-utils (very weird, shouldn't it be "libcaca"?)
> > libcaca-devel
> I'm also working on those "failed for x86_64" packages ATM ;-) I have a
> rough list of actual x86_64 build problems in pre-extras.
> I'll try to bring some info in the wiki later today that should be
> helpful for you. But we should try to avoid working on the same
> packages. Can you mark those you plan to fix in the Wiki after I created
> that list? Thanks.

I haven't started working on fixes, I was just browsing the "failed" build
logs where I found lots of confusing stuff in the logs... thus my remark
regarding cleaning them up. One thing I could do though, if no one else
already started the same thing (you or seth, I guess), would be to list all
x86_64 build logs that are no longer relevant and should be removed.


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