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Re: New Packages and a New Layout in Fedora Extras

Am Mittwoch, den 02.02.2005, 11:44 -0500 schrieb seth vidal:
> > I haven't started working on fixes, I was just browsing the "failed" build
> > logs where I found lots of confusing stuff in the logs... thus my remark
> > regarding cleaning them up. One thing I could do though, if no one else
> > already started the same thing (you or seth, I guess), would be to list all
> > x86_64 build logs that are no longer relevant and should be removed.
> send me the list which are all fixed up and I'll get rid of the old
> logs.

Remove these:

gnome-vfsmm26.log libgnomemm26.log libgnomeuimm26.log adns.log
blender.log bochs-dlxlinux.log bochs.log caca-utils.log camE.log
camlp4.log cvsgraph.log duplicity.log fontforge.log galculator.log
gconfmm26.log gconmm26.log giblib.log glibmm24.log gpgme03.log
gtkmm24.log i810switch.log ifplugd.log libcaca-devel.log
libglademm24.log libgnomecanvasmm26.log libsig++20.log libsigc++20.log
liferea.log lyx.log nget.log perl-Convert-BinHex.log perl-Module-
Build.log pgadmin3.log python-adns.log python-imaging-devel.log
scons.log scorched3d.log seahorse.log sqlite-tcl.log stellarium.log
vbetest.log xmms-sid.log atitvout.log i8kutils.log lrmi.log s3switch.log
synaptic.log tripwire.log

No 100% guarantee for completion and correctness. But should be mostly
correct ;-)



Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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