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Re: Are packages in Fedora Extras not being QA?

Brian Pepple wrote:
I just installed a package (starfighter) from Fedora Extras, and it
looks like the package hasn't had any QA done.  There's some obvious
problems with it, that would have been caught if the QA procedures that
were established at Fedora.us were being used.  Has any formal QA
procedures been set-up for Fedora Extras yet?

It seems that many refused to contribute to fedora.us because there were QA requirements. </cynicism>

For now treat the newer packages in Extras as rawhide-ish. Just file a Bugzilla report. The owner is supposed to be responsible for fixing it.

In the future I hope we will begin using the "testing" tree for new packages, and only after testing they be moved to the "extras" tree. This may actually happen soon now that the trees actually exist...

However as the backlog here indicates, contributors seem to think TESTING THINGS BEFORE RELEASING is unreasonably difficult. Is it?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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