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Re: New Packages and a New Layout in Fedora Extras

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 11:00 +0100, Matthias Saou wrote:
> seth vidal wrote :
> > We've also reorganized a little bit for the migration to official
> > 'extras' status.
> > 
> > The directory hierarchy looks like this:
> [...]
> Cool. I've noticed you also cleaned up the packages to remove obsolete
> builds it seems. Similarly, I think the x86_64 build logs would need
> cleaning up, since I wanted to go through them to see if there were any
> bugs I already knew about and could fix, but many of the logs are old or
> strange and correspond to packages that are successfully built. For
> instance :
> camE
> caca-utils (very weird, shouldn't it be "libcaca"?)
> libcaca-devel
> Those a probably remains of when imlib2 wasn't rebuilt yet, but have all
> been rebuilt since. At a glance, same goes for gpgme and related packages,
> and certainly others.

Thanks to Thorsten I cleaned up all the sutff that was old, there.

let me know if I missed anything else.


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