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Re: snort ?

> We've been following fedora.us guidelines for a long time. So one cannot
> say there would be no guidelines. Adhering to those guidelines would get
> rid of the redundant and dangerous explicit dependencies in your package
> (libpcap, pcre e.g.), for instance.

What do you mean by 'redundant and dangerous' dependencies?  Just to be
clear, you mean the Requires and not the BuildRequires correct?  We had
problems in the past with those not being picked up correctly, which is
why they were explicitly listed.  It looks like they are build fine now
on fc3 so they can probably be removed from the Requires section.  So
while it may not be possibly needed now, how is it considered dangerous?

> Also, with "ready" I mean that an rpmbuild rebuild creates the binary
> packages as intended. The latest src.rpm you linked now still does not do
> that, but requires lots of manual switches. Other comments posted before.
> The package would benefit from a cleanup.

Can you give specifics about what you are talking please.


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