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Re: snort ?

Matthias Saou wrote :

> Michael Schwendt wrote :
> [...]
> > Also, with "ready" I mean that an rpmbuild rebuild creates the binary
> > packages as intended. The latest src.rpm you linked now still does not
> > that, but requires lots of manual switches. Other comments posted
> > The package would benefit from a cleanup.
> > 
> > Btw, I'm perfectly fine if somebody else wants to sponsor this package
> > now or when it's considered ready. I find enough packages to review in
> > the fedora.us queue.
> I'd be willing to cleanup, test and import the package. I last used snort
> about 4 or 5 years ago, but am quite curious to see how it has evolved

Started looking at it... yes, there is quite some cleanup to be done to get
a readable Fedora-centric spec, but nothing too hard. My main concern, and
I'd like opinions regarding it, is with the database backends. I see two
immediate solutions :
1) Link against both mysql and postgresql and have the package require both
database's libs by default.
2) Keep different binaries as it is now, but replace the nasty scriplets
that link "snort" to the various "snort-*" binaries and use alternatives

I personally prefer 1), while providing --without rebuild switches for both
backends (and keeping a --with oracle, as it doesn't cost much, like there
is in the php spec).

Dan : I hope you don't see this as a "hostile takeover" of the spec, it's
just that having it shorter and more readable will greatly help maintaining
the package.


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