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Re: snort ? (last time)

Daniel Wittenberg wrote :

> Well, I'll dump those tags from the official RPMs, but it sounds like
> the general consensus is to start fresh and not use the old .spec.  So
> for now I'll just watch and see what people come up with, and maybe see
> if we can roll the changes to the normal ones.  I have no personal
> attachment to maintaining these, just figured I'd try to keep from
> duplicating effort.

The consensus in Fedora Extras could be put like this :
1) Reuse fedora.us package if it exists...
2) If not, reuse freshrpms.net package if it exists...
3) If not, reuse what could have been pending at fedora.us...
4) If it wasn't there, or is too old, or too messy, then...
5) Come up with a new package from whatever source seems best :-)

The main limitation at the moment is that the Fedora Extras submission
process isn't perfectly defined yet, unlike the fedora.us one was.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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