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Re: snort ?

I am obviously missing something, so I'm gonna just sit back and watch
the list now.  When I look at the package names at:


That's why I said I had never seen the naming convention followed.  I
realize there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, but
when the information I have found on naming convention doens't match
what I see the repo's, that is where my statement comes from.  I
understand what you are saying, but that doesn't match what is shown on
the website, and how am I supposed to know that what is on the website
is wrong and outdated ?  If there is a new one I'd like to see it
because I'm obviously confused and would like to understand how things
are going to work.  I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, just
I'm very confused and have been willing to help push snort out and
contribute what little I can to opensource.

For now I'll just sit and watch and maybe I can learn something since I
seem to be doing more harm than good.


> Daniel, please stop here acting like this. I wrote explicitly that
> _all_ packages in fedora.us adhere to those naming guidelines. See
> quote below.
> With regard to the old fedora.us Wiki, it's closed and no longer
> updated. See Wiki main page. And yes, in the newer fedoraproject.org
> Wiki, the same information could be removed. But every day has just
> 24 hours, developers are busy with other stuff, and hardly anyone
> did miss the changes in Fedora pre-Extras and CVS.

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