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Re: swsusp, thinkpad module, bootsplash

On Thursday 03 February 2005 23:17, Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> As for bootsplash, I've tried to make a vanilla kernel with a mixture of
> the patchsets of Alan Cox and Con Kolivas (one for features and the
> other for performance) which incidentally add support for bootsplash. As
> you may already know, bootsplash also requires userspace applications to
> be used and configured... Anyway, I built the kernel, does boot right,
> but for some strange reason, whenever I configure bootsplash with a
> given theme, the new kernel will simply NOT display it, no  matter what
> I do. I've tried to do this very same procedure, with the same patches
> and source in a Gentoo computer and userspace programs, and there was no
> problem... WTH?!?!
I guess its the udev which causes this problem, I am not too sure will like to 
investigate better this time.

> I'm pretty sure there must be something that prevents its initialization
> from the initrd, but what? It doesn't matter whether you specify or not
> a different resolution of the framebuffered console (even if you compile
> *wthout* logo support, as you are supposed to) so something like vga=791
> won't work even though newer bootsplahs addimitedly has support for
> 16-bit framebuffers, but if I specify vga=792 for a 32-bit (24-bit)
> 1024x768 framebuffer ti doesn't work either. I'll keep trying to get
> this working with a vanilla kernel and maybe be able to extrapolate from
> there (trying to use as close as I can the same patches Red Hat uses for
> the kernels, without using those of the .src.rpm). I can't promise
> anything... I really think that a bootspalsh based graphical boot is
> preferable over the current X based one, not only becuase of the
> overhead, but because of sustomizeablity (I haven't found where to
> customize RHGB, and I've been looking for a way since FC1)
RHGB is not good enough bootsplash seems to be better, and as a user I'd like 
a choice, bootsplash better.

I think as per Joe Christy it will be good to follow his work of swsusp and 
then pre-pare bootsplash patches. http://softwaresuspend.berlios.de/fedora/  
I'd request Joe to share his latest patches with us. 


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