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Re: fedora-extras-release

seth vidal wrote :

> > Sure, I can give it a whirl. Just two questions :
> > 1) Wouldn't it be better to ask all the mirrors which ones intend to
> > Extras (or which ones already have!) and include a mirrorlist URL
> > of a baseurl one?
> > 2) What should the package be named? "fedora-extras"?
> > "fedora-extras-release"? Something else?
> oh sure, if you want to do it intelligently! :)
> I'll see what we can get out of the mirror people and mayb make a
> mirrorlist up.

That would be the best IMHO, as the whole point of that package, and the
yum repo entry it contains, is to have everything working with only a few
commands and no editing at all ;-)

Attached are a .spec and .repo that could suit the job (the key at the URL
from the repo is also needed). Consensus will be needed for the name, and
voices heard if anything else needs to be added.
Too bad though that it seems sysconfig/rhn/ can only take info from the
single "sources" file, as from my understanding this means that the current
RHN notification tool won't automatically be aware of Extras after this
package is installed.


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