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Re: swsusp, thinkpad module, bootsplash

Vis-a-vis Kevin's note of 02/03/2005 12:56 PM:
On Thursday 03 February 2005 23:17, Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:

... whenever I configure bootsplash with a
given theme, the new kernel will simply NOT display it, no  matter what
I do. I've tried to do this very same procedure, with the same patches
and source in a Gentoo computer and userspace programs, and there was no
problem... WTH?!?!

I guess its the udev which causes this problem, I am not too sure will like to investigate better this time.

I'm quite skeptical about it being udev. udev simply manages the /dev tree. More likely, it's something to with initrd and its contents.


RHGB is not good enough bootsplash seems to be better, and as a user I'd like a choice, bootsplash better.

I think as per Joe Christy it will be good to follow his work of swsusp and then pre-pare bootsplash patches. ...

FWIW, swsusp2 also has the bootsplash patches, though I've never used their capabilities. I'm not one for eye-candy so I mostly turn off rhbg in grub.conf, and frankly, when you get to fiddling the kerneldown at the closer-to-the-machine level that swsusp2 does, you *want* to see the messages that rhgb/bootsplash would cover up.


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