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Re: Bugzilla usage (was: Re: kmymoney2)

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Disagreement.  This will cause too much traffic, and people cannot
> choose to not receive stuff they're not interested in.  Example: my
> Ctrl-D fingers are getting tired because of the Snort discussions.

I have no problem with bugzilla either (mainly because I used it a lot at
fedora.us), but at least you can choose what you read from the mailing
lists if you use GMane's NNTP gateway. I personally access all the
fedora-related lists with my news client, and it works great.

I also like the fact that a bugzilla query is easier than a search in the
online mailing-list archives (especially if we use keywords). Making the
search easy is what will lower the level of duplicate RFEs. We need a
database behind it.

I think we need something web-based on top of the mailing-list. Maybe
bugzilla is not fit for the task (because too complex), but then, what
could we use ?

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bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." -- Rich Cook

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