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Re: My open tickets in bugzilla.fedora.us

Michael Schwendt wrote:

The Molecular Inventor pages and licence are here:

Here SGI links OpenMOIV, which means they are aware of it. However, the
source files itself contain the LGPL header and the clause that "all other
liences must be accepted". So, maybe there's an IANAL type of
misunderstanding in the chosen licencing scheme by either SGI or the
OpenMOIV authors. Whether they are permitted to apply the LGPL to their
derived library or whether their licencing specific page http://www.tecn.upf.es/openMOIV/openmoiv/license.html really tries to
restrict the LGPL is not clear. As I understand it, only to get SGI's
original Molecular Inventor source you need to accept SGI's licence.

This is far too much uncertainty for us to just ignore. Please prepare an organized summary for submission to the legal queue, so they can quickly understand the situation. If you care about OpenMOIV going into Extras, you should really talk to upstream OpenMOIV about it too.

The suspect only the acceptable situation here is for OpenMOIV to be totally and without a doubt LGPL. But we will see.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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