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FUSE - filesystem in userspace

Hi all, I've been sent here from the fedora-general mailing list. I just
would like to ask people who can to consider fuse (filesystem in userspace)
and sshfs for inclusion into fedora. They both are available at


The latter is a particularly comfortable way to access files on any
sshd-enabled machine (i.e. any linux machine nowadays) as if they where
local, without superuser intervention, without other support on the server
and with a simple and "just works" feeling (you only have to type "sshfs
user host:remotedir localdir"). 

Fuse is used in a wide range of projects, some is listed at:


Including this in fedora would give huge visibility to it, which is needed
for people to easily distribute userspace filesystems they create - btw
debian and gentoo already include it so that addition to fedora would make
it almost a de-facto standard, and a safe bet for filesystems coders to
just list "install fuse from your vendor" as a prerequisite.



Please note that I do not read the e-mail address used in the from field but
I read vincenzo_ml at yahoo dot it
Attenzione: non leggo l'indirizzo di posta usato nel campo from, ma leggo
vincenzo_ml at yahoo dot it

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