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Re: New candidates for inclusion in Extras : udftools and starfighter-music

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 13:19:17 +0100, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Here are packages I'd like to add to Extras :

> - starfighter-music : My current starfighter package doesn't bundle the
> musics, as they are in a separate zip file and aren't necessarily updated
> at the same time as the main game (i.e. game is at 1.1 and music 1.0
> currenty). One question about this is whether to make the main package
> require the music one for everyone to get the complete gaming experience
> (I'd favour this) or to let people optionally install the musics
> themselves.
> If I understood Warren's last process proposal :
> - I need someone (besides myself) to sponsor my package (?).
> - There needs to be no legal/licensing problems (*).
> - Nobody must oppose a veto.
> They should all comply with "best practices", and I'll announce to the
> commits list if/once approved.
> (*) : The starfighter-music zip doesn't contain any license information.
> But I assume that it is covered by the same one as the main program (GNU
> GPL) since it seems to be split apart only for practical reasons. Should I
> add a copy of the GNU GPL to the package nevertheless? Is having it depend
> on the main package which contains the license details enough?

One thing for sure, the music zip package is not GPL'ed, because the
composers did not release their music as GPL. Included in the zip are 13
MOD files (Protracker or equivalent) and 1 S3M file (Scream Tracker). The
credits within the files indicate that they were not made specifically for
Starfighter, but were taken from the public domain and made in 1993 to
1996. Usually, MOD files which were not published by their composers
directly, were ripped from PC/Amiga demos or music demo shows and then
released in the public domain without prior written consent by their
authors. If not ripped from commercial games, the composer usually have
nothing against their music being used in other "free" (here as in free
beer) software.

This package is at most "License: Public Domain", but not GPL.

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