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Re: New candidates for inclusion in Extras : udftools and starfighter-music

Michael Schwendt wrote :

> One thing for sure, the music zip package is not GPL'ed, because the
> composers did not release their music as GPL. Included in the zip are 13
> MOD files (Protracker or equivalent) and 1 S3M file (Scream Tracker). The
> credits within the files indicate that they were not made specifically
> Starfighter, but were taken from the public domain and made in 1993 to
> 1996. Usually, MOD files which were not published by their composers
> directly, were ripped from PC/Amiga demos or music demo shows and then
> released in the public domain without prior written consent by their
> authors. If not ripped from commercial games, the composer usually have
> nothing against their music being used in other "free" (here as in free
> beer) software.
> This package is at most "License: Public Domain", but not GPL.

Thanks for these infos. The lack of information on starfighter's web page,
and the fact that I didn't know that MOD files could contain that kind of
information made me do wrong assumptions :-)
So... "License: Public Domain" in Extras, or kept out because of the blurry
status of those files? I'd vote for "in"...


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