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Re: My open tickets in bugzilla.fedora.us

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> OpenMOIV library, on the contrary, is not your own software. If you built
> it in a way that made it GPL only, this is not what the authors intended
> (releasing packages like that would impose more strict free software
> licence terms on the library users).

Hang on!

What about section 3 of the LGPL: "You may opt to apply the terms of the
ordinary GNU General Public License instead of this License to a given
copy of the Library."

(The term "Library" is defined as "any such software library or work",
so if a program is licensed under the LGPL, it is referred to as a

The LGPL was explicitly written so that recipients could make
modifications (or link with GPL code) and release those modifications
under the GPL.


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