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Tracking Thoughts Re: requesting sponsor for new package: xmms-jess

Charles R. Anderson wrote:
I've packaged a visualization plugin for xmms called JESS:


URL : http://arquier.free.fr/ Summary : JESS Visualization Plugin for XMMS Description : JESS is a visualization plugin for XMMS with blur, image distortion, oscilloscope, 3D rotating grids with synchro zoom, fading palette, and synchronized flash effects.

* Tue Feb 08 2005 Charles R. Anderson <cra wpi edu>> - 0:2.91-1

- initial package for Fedora Extras

Is anyone interested in sponsoring this for inclusion to Extras?

May I point out that without a database driven tracking system, there is no way to easily track requests like this. So if nobody deals with it immediately, it will become lost since it is not in any queue. It will be confusing when there are 500 similar requests and a random set of 300 are finished. With database tracked reports, this thing can be tracked, query for open issues, and closed when done.

Yes there are many valid arguments against Bugzilla too. I think that these concerns were mainly implementation details (and push/pull communication concerns) that are possible to fix. But instead we have a total rejection of anything resembling the old fedora.us process in favor of this unstructured mess.

Anyhow, I should not be using my time now to argue about this now. We can more effectively discuss this during FUDCON week.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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