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Re: Tracking Thoughts Re: requesting sponsor for new package: xmms-jess

> May I point out that without a database driven tracking system, there is 
> no way to easily track requests like this.  So if nobody deals with it 
> immediately, it will become lost since it is not in any queue.  It will 
> be confusing when there are 500 similar requests and a random set of 300 
> are finished.  With database tracked reports, this thing can be tracked, 
> query for open issues, and closed when done.

sounds like a good reason to work on a database, then.

> Yes there are many valid arguments against Bugzilla too.  I think that 
> these concerns were mainly implementation details (and push/pull 
> communication concerns) that are possible to fix.  But instead we have a 
> total rejection of anything resembling the old fedora.us process in 
> favor of this unstructured mess.

no, we have a transition from one overly-structured mess into something
that can evolve.

> Anyhow, I should not be using my time now to argue about this now.  We 
> can more effectively discuss this during FUDCON week.

And yet, you are using your time to argue it now.


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