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Re: New candidates packages for Extras

Dnia 09-02-2005, Åro o godzinie 18:22 +0000, Jose Pedro Oliveira napisaÅ
> While several of these tools are able to create
> RPMS they usually don't detect the building
> requirements (modules required for running the
> test suite).
I guess it's not a big issue as we're talking about building binary RPM-
s from CPAN sources only for your own usage, not src.rpms to distribute
further. Even if something fails in the process it's no different from
building things from CPAN without making RPM-s out of them. But if it
works, you have your perl-anything packaged and ready for rpm -i and rpm
-e :)

> Another problem is that rpm doesn't catch all
> module requirements, in particular the ones
> loaded with "require".  And this is only one
> of the problems, we still have to check
> system, open, backticks, ...
Both problems exist, but remember CPAN has its built-in dependencies
between Perl modules. They can be easily imported to the spec file if we
have a consistent naming scheme. Even if there are exceptions (packages
that can't be automated this way) they can have their specific packages
or be blacklisted or anything.

CPAN page seems to have some problems ATM (at least for me), but I guess
one of the projects linked from the page you pasted could evolve quickly
to do the job, especially after (if) being included in Fedora Extras,
when lots of people will have a chance to find its bugs :)


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