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Re: Fedora Extras CVS Howto somewhere ?

Michael Schwendt wrote:


Is there some kind of "Fedora Extras CVS Howto" anywhere ? I've read the
Makefile.common and cvs-import.sh, but I still can't figure out the correct
way to update a package in CVS. I've updated the spec file, and now what
should I do ? Is a "make upload FILES=newtarball.tar.gz && cvs ci" enough ?

For uploads and complete src.rpm auto-imports: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2005-February/msg00098.html

You either prepare your update package outside CVS and then cvs-import.sh
it automatically and your done. Or you prepare your changes in your CVS
working copy, upload new binaries into the lookaside cache, and at the
end commit every changed file including the 'sources' file.

As a test whether the full commit was fine, enter a different directory
and checkout a fresh working copy there. It should succeed in fetching the
binaries from lookaside cache and also pass simple build tests such as
'make i386' or 'make srpm' at least.

I'd add this to the wikpage, but I don't have edit access. Can you allow "AaronBennett" to edit the wiki as well?

-- Aaron Bennett UNIX Administrator Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

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